IDEA Strategy
IDEA Strategy

In knowledge-based economies of Central Europe economic growth largely depends upon the pace and the quality of the innovation process. Regional economic development in Europe is increasingly limited by its quantitative and qualitative potential in human resources. The competition between regions in Europe has become to a large extend also a “demographic race” for well trained employees where regions in Central Europe have predominately experienced a brain-drain.

The aim of IDEA is the development of an adequate strategy which enables the small and medium sized enterprises in the regions of Central Europe to face the increasing demand of high potentials with tested methods and instruments.

Existing methods and instruments will be analysed and further developed in order to foster and strengthen the regional innovative capability. The project ensures a sound competition between the regions of Central Europe in terms of safeguarding high potentials.

The European added value of the project will achieved by

(1) bringing together different experiences, approaches and competencies of the participating regions of Central Europe

(2) deriving strategic measures which meet the growing requirements for knowledge development in regional innovation systems in Central Europe of the present and the future

(3) respecting the aim to maintain the mobility of human resources while ensuring regional stability

(4) developing a strategy focusing on implementation of the developed approaches

The project started in March 2010 and will be finished until February 2013.


Target group of IDEA will be the so called “high potentials” in the engineering and scientific sector where future-oriented technologies are one of the main source of innovation.

There are 4 key fields of activity the project focuses on:

  • Future-orientated technology fields and their possibilities of occupation
  • regional capacities of advanced vocational training facilities and regional demand for high potentials
  • Development of (trans)regional cooperation between education and industry
  • Regional approach to deal with the brain-drain  - the „Diaspora-Option“ versus „Reverse-Option


Central Europe - European Union - This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.