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AREA m styria GmbH
Koloman-Wallisch-Platz 1
A-8605 Kapfenberg, Austria

T. 0043/3862/21234-0
F. 0043/3862/21234-19

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The AREA m styria GmbH was founded on the basis of an inter-community cooperation to provide sustainable support for the economic development of the technology region of eastern Upper Styria.  It is a virtual impulse center for the international marketing of the region based on its unique core competences in technology and materials.  The goal of The AREA m styria is to attract investors and companies to the region using common strategies and efforts. 

The strategic concept and marketing policy activities of the AREA m styria GmbH are primarily aimed at national and international innovators, investors and entrepreneurs in a high-tech-oriented context.  In the sense of increasing the regional competitive strengths the AREA m styria GmbH unites local companies and provides them with services.  Networking and ensuring efficient information and knowledge management towards all of the relevant partners and institutions along with working towards a common goal of sustainable concepts are the aspects that strengthen the region.

Central Europe - European Union - This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.