IDEA Strategy
IDEA Strategy

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ICM - Institute of Mechanical and Plant Engineering Chemnitz e.V.
Otto-Schmerbach-Straße 19
D-09117 Chemnitz, Germany

Project Coordinator IDEA: Sylke Spröd

T. +49 371 27836-157
F. +49 371 27836-104


Communication Manager IDEA: Ulrich Bobe
T. +49 371 27836-155
F. +49 371 27836-104

ICM - Institute of Mechanical and Plant Engineering Chemnitz e.V.

ICM e.V. was founded in 1992 and is a recognised private non-profit R&D institution.
1. Product Innovation - development of systems to monitor and control processes - special technologies for complete machining - product and concept development for recycling technologies - ergonomic and safety-related design
2. Process Innovation - methods for innovation processes between SMEs and service providers - development of models for supply structures - research on the globalisation capabilities of SMEs - methods for developing hybrid products

Main activities:

The Chemnitz Mechanical Engineering Association (ICM e.V.), with its 74 member companies and additional 30 project partners, has put the idea of "innovation through cooperation" into practice in all of its activities over the past 16 years. ICM e.V. works on new strategies and methods to encourage cooperation between small and medium-sized mechanical enterprises within Saxony and with partners in other regions. Our aims: to support company-related product development; to develop system supplier structures to implement innovative product ideas; and to increase the regional creation of value and create and safeguard employment through new value-added chains (to improve products through cooperation between end producers, system suppliers, and second-tier suppliers). ICM e.V. supports regional end producers and innovative suppliers in the development of strategic system supplier structures that boost the region's creation of value. This approach is the basis for development of economic growth in the region and of the region's competitiveness in global markets.

Technological highlights:

Projects in the area of process innovation NEMO Network "RailTecNet" (Competence network for special rail engineering and technical steel construction) RailTecNet aims at developing new market opportunities through innovative facilities, equipment, and technical solutions and technologies in railbound plant, component, and special mechanical engineering. NEMO Network KRS (Retrofit Saxony competence network) KRS combines the regional and supraregional competencies for the whole range of modernisation services, from repair, retrofitting, and new machinery to factory planning and services for the Russian market. Projects in the area of product innovation ROTA - Technology for the complete machining of rotation-symmetric components (InnoWatt) The ROTA project developed a fully automated machine system for the modular processing of pipes made of steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals. This system processes the ends of pipes used in petroleum and natural gas extraction plants more efficiently. Mobile waste rubber recycling system (InnoWatt) In this project, a mobile system was developed to convert used rubber granulate, scrap rubber, and cutting waste into activated crumb rubber to be recycled back into the rubber manufacturing process.

Highlights of innovation:

Innovation highlights OKE (Object-oriented cooperation development) The OKE method is derived from the Innoregio programme ("Innosachs" / "Innosystem") of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. It is directed at companies wishing to establish strategically-oriented cooperative ventures and is based on the object-oriented approach used in software development. InCoCo-S "Innovation, Coordination and Collaboration in Service Driven Manufacturing Supply Chains" EU FP 6 The project InCoCo-S has developed a business process-oriented Reference Model (IRM) for industrial services. For the business cases logistics, maintenance, packaging, retrofitting (modernisation) and quality control, business processes for service providers and the flow of information between these processes were standardised and structured and performance indicators and practically proven best practices for process optimisation were formulated.

Challenges of these types have been dealt with since 1993 within the framework of BMBF, BMWI and EC-research projects. It is about the creation of new solutions that requires forward scientific approaches, in order to derive new technical products and processes for the plant construction and mechanical engineering for associations and networks of SME. The activities of ICM are allocated in 5 work groups. One of them is working in the field of human resources and personal management. Therefore, there are a lot of experiences in competences and project management providing a sufficient level for the planned activities and challenges of IDEA.

The regional experiences are contributed in the German initiative "kompetenznetze.deutschland".

Central Europe - European Union - This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.