IDEA Strategy
IDEA Strategy
Citta di Alessandria

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Municipality of Alessandria
Piazza Libertà, 1
15121 Alessandria, Italy

T. 0039 131515386
F. 0039 131515360
E. alessandra.prosperi@

Municipality of Alessandria represents Alessandria community and it promotes its cultural, social and economical development and it is inspired by principles of solidarity and subsidiarity and co-operation with other public bodies. According to D Lgs 18th August 2000, n. 267, it is up to the municipality to carry on all the administrative functions regarding population and the municipal territory, above all in the sectors of services for people and community, territory settlement and use and economical development, except for what is attributed to other subjects by the state or regional law according to respective competence. Among Municipality objectives there is the participation in development processes of European Union in the framework of subsidiarity.
The city of Alessandria is engaged in improving the quality of life of all citizenship this presupposes a constant engagement  with all public and private actors of the territory, in order to have a useful exchange to facilitate the creation of synergies, of favourable trends addressed to development policies of innovative character.

Municipality of Alessandria participated in many European projects, in particolar it was coordinator of the transnational partnership of PRACTISE project in the framework of the programme Intelligent Energy Europe, it was the leading partner of LINFA project co-funded by EC programme LIFE-Environment and of the transnational project project AL-VIA in the field of EQUAL co-funded by ESF.

Central Europe - European Union - This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.