IDEA Strategy
IDEA Strategy

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District Economic Chamber of Most
Most, Višňová 666
PSČ 434 01, Czech Republic

President of OHK: Ing. Rudolf Jung
Director of OHK: Ing. Karel Bořecky

Mgr. Iva Čerňanská Project IDEA – Member of SMC:
Ing. Lenka Šťastná

T. 00420602383880

OHK - District Economic Chamber of Most 

District Economic Chamber of Most (hereinafter referred to as”OHK”), founded on the 1st June 1993 as business assocation, is the backbone of the structure of the Czech Economic Chamber (hereinafter referred to as ”HK ČR”).

The basic function of OHK is the support of business activities (except agriculture, food industry, forestry) and development of the business environment in the Czech republic and European Union, the promotion and protection of interests and providing of needs for HK ČR members registered by OHK in their rleationships with state authorities, local government and other institutions.

OHK provides its members advisory and consulting services, organizates training, information dissemination,members promotion, contacts and develops relation with other chambers, business associations and other institutions in the Czech. rep. and abroad based on their former agreements, dissemnates knowledge and information about economy, economic conditions and law regulations relating to business activities.

Statutory body of OHK is the President, OHK office is headed by the Director of the Office.

Central Europe - European Union - This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.