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IDEA Strategy

Chemnitz - Home to Innovation and Tradition

Chemnitz is a modern large city at the heart of Europe - very close to the new EU members, the Czech Republic and Poland. Almost 250,000 people live in the city formerly called Karl-Marx-Stadt and the figure rises to 1.6 million in the Chemnitz administrative region.

Of the three large Saxon cities, Chemnitz has been most strongly shaped by the historical heritage of Saxon industry. Traditional inventive talents meet the high-tech developments of the 21st century here. The former "Saxon Manchester" is forging links with its more than 150 years of history as a centre of engineering. But Chemnitz is also increasingly developing into one of the leading research and development centres in Germany. The University of Technology and a variety of research centres are not the only evidence of this. The city's industrial structure, which is constantly growing and largely comprises medium-sized enterprises, is thriving on constant innovation and renewal.

Chemnitz is one of the ten fastest growing cities in Germany in the new millennium.


Key Facts

  • City of Chemnitz: 246,599 inhabitants
  • Residents in the Chemnitz administrative region: approx. 1.6 million
  • Technological centre with the following sectors:
     - the motor industry and suppliers
     - engineering and plant construction
  • A leading research and development centre, e.g. in the field of microsystem technology
  • One of the ten cities in Germany showing the greatest growth
  • A high quality of life with a wide variety of cultural facilities and beautiful natural surroundings

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