IDEA Strategy
IDEA Strategy

STYRIA - AREA m styria - The new center of materials.

The demands of today's technology on modern materials are constantly on the rise. This has resulted in a competition between new manufacturing technologies and material features. This development has more than enough room to grow here in the AREA m styria, in the Green Heart of Europe. Today the region, where material has always been the core, has a phenomenal amount of know-how, competence and future prospects. Because: Material competence is the decisive competitive edge for innovative high-performance products of the future.

Over centuries AREA m styria has developed into one of the most competent material regions throughout Europe. This is the reason that highly qualified experts and specialized staff along with outstanding service providers have a preference for the application range of their knowledge: the high-tech enterprises of AREA m styria.

Making use of its outstanding location is how AREA m styria fulfils the ever-growing needs of the production industries in its own special way. Being perfectly positioned near major roadways; having easy access to institutes of higher learning that are economically oriented like the University of Applied Sciences in Kapfenberg or the Montan University in Leoben and benefiting from synergies in intact surroundings. These are all factors that guarantee a company the best possible location from which to do business. Renowned internationally orientated companies such as Böhler-Uddeholm appreciate this experience. They do their business exactly where they have what they need.

In close proximity and within a productive neighbourhood AREA m styria offers concentrated know-how in all material questions and for material innovations; targeted cooperation among the partners complete their strengths. Thus it is easy to explain why such an array of companies, successful the world over, have built their core competences upon excellent material know-how; why their products can be found in the sensitive fields of aircrafts, helicopters or Formula 1 cars, and why they have made history with their success.

Central Europe - European Union - This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.