IDEA Strategy
IDEA Strategy

Region Usti

The Usti region has a centuries-old tradition of industrial and agricultural production, business activities and rich networks of traffic routes. Region faces the highest unemployment

Rate – 13, 61 % in 2009, the unfavorable educational structure, dependence of economy in several sectors (coal mining, energetic industry, chemical industry, mechanical engineering), a low level of regional research and development.

The Usti region is extremely rich in natural beauties. There are Ore Mountains, České středohoří (can be roughly translated into English as Czech Middle Mountains), Lusatian Mountains, interesting rock formation of Tiské walls and Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland  and beautiful waterway with Porta Bohemica. It is rich in mineral springs (Teplice, Bilina) and hot springs (bathing in Usti nad Labem and Decin).There are a lot of beautiful historic sites, castells and mansions throughout region territory. There are also many opportunities for sport-oriented visitors – for example Autodrom Most Race Circuit, hippodrome in Most.

The environment of the region has been markedly improved in recent years.


Basic geographical data to 1 January 2009 

The Czech republic / Region

Area km2


Population density
(inhabit. per km2)


From those: with a town statute

The Czech republic

78 865,8

10 467 542


6 249


The Usti Region

5 334,6

835 891




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